Bascom AVR is the most poweful compiler made for programming AVR uCs ever
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Bascom AVR is the most popular and the most powerful compiler made for micro controllers(uCs) ever. Through Bascom AVR is made for Atmel's AVR series uCs ,but Bascom AVR can export a .hex or .bin file so it can be used with many other uCs.Commands used for Bascom AVR are very simple to remember and to use, as compared to C compilers or others. Pin configuration for the uC are also very simple .Support for usb programmer,isp programmer,serial programmer and Stk500 programmer makes the Bascom AVR very useful and flexible .

Key Features:
.Bascom AVR uses very simple commands as compared to other compilers. Like, for printing an output on LCD, just type lcd"and the text to be printed here".
.Bascom AVR can work with your usb programmer,stk500 programmer,serial programmer,external programmer,usb programmer by MCS and Usb Isp programmer.
.You can design an LCD using the LCD designing tool.
.Configure I/O pins and LCD pins with more ease.
.Bascom AVR can program ATtiny,Atmega,AT90s and AT90 family uCS.
.You can erase the uC ,set fuse bits and locks using Bascom AVR.
.You can simulate the program step by step for debugging.
.Bascom AVR can write the program to uC or you can export .hex or .bin file to use with other softwares like,AVRDude and Pony Prog.

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Downloading from Software Informer as the program is discontinued by the developer

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  • Bascom avr is the best compiler made for Atmel Avr series micro controllers.This compiler supports almost every programmer like ,Usb programmer,Serial programmer,usb isp programmer,Stk500 programmer,Avr isp programmer,External programmer


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  • This is the best software for uc programming
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